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No one wants to receive news that they, or an immediate family member has cancer.  This disease does not discriminate, and tears people’s everyday lives apart, with devastating effects.

Stats are that ‘1 in 3 Victorians are diagnosed with cancer by the age of 75’ and ‘1 in every 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime’.




In 2013 when Nathan Williams found that his mother Rose was diagnosed with incurable stage 4 oesophagus cancer, he and his wife Cathy approached their close friends Mark & Ky O’Shea with an idea that perhaps together they could somehow help people and their families who are touched by cancer. Within weeks  Team Kill Cancer was a reality. 

We know that there are fantastic existing charities already aligned with this cause, funding researchers in the search for a cure, however we would like to try and help our local community members by assisting, and/or supporting those suffering, or affected by cancer.


We raise money via events and memberships. TKC membership starts at only $25 and being a member allows you to nominate a loved one for a TKC gift (conditions apply). TKC gifts vary depending on each nominee but have in the past included rent assistance, holidays, maintenance, gift vouchers, beauty treatment, groceries, etc. If you are a TKC member and know of someone who may be in need of assistance, please contact us at TKC (

'...thank you so much for your gift that allowed my family to stay close during my operation...your generosity meant loved ones could stay close, giving us all a bit more peace of mind...'

- cancer warrior and TKC gift recipient

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