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Meet Brayden & Ben:
B&B 4 TKC Marathon
Brayden & Ben's Story...

After we first met while playing representative junior football we instantly grew a mate-ship that has lasted over 20 years. One afternoon while sitting around having a few beers at a bbq we both expressed our interest in challenging ourselves to complete a marathon and at that point made a commitment to each other that when the time was right we would conquer it together.

It took a few years for the timing to be right but the moment had come and we cemented the commitment with registering for the 42.195km 2020 Melbourne Marathon. We not only wanted to do this for our own personal challenge but to involve our family, friends and the wider community to come along this journey with us.

Brayden had been introduced to an organisation that supported members of the local community suffering or affected by cancer - Team Kill Cancer (TKC). This was something that resonated closely with Ben having his own personal journey of his late mothers battle with a brain tumour. He could not think of a better foundation to raise awareness for. The boys were honoured when founder of TKC Nathan Williams wanted to support and join the journey.

Now begins a journey in the hope to bring on greater awareness and a chance to make a little or great difference to someone’s battle.

Due to current circumstances occurring in the world right now, obviously being (Covid19), we are hoping that the event will still take place in October. However, if it happens to be cancelled we will still be tackling this challenge head on and will look to complete the 42.195km by running from King Lake West to St.Helena on the 4th of October.

So if you see 2 old slow blokes running around over the next few months wearing the TKC singlets…give us a toot and yell out some words of inspiration to help us get through!

#NeverGiveUpNeverGiveIn    #bandb4tkc



If you're inspired by Brayden & Ben's story and would like to show your support with a donation to TKC on their behalf please click button below


Our purpose is to assist local community members suffering or affected by cancer


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'...thank you for our gift and all those that you have gifted to in the past and future...'

- cancer warrior and TKC gift recipient

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